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Hyaroo is a platform for combing work-from-home & office-based freelancers and professional services.

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Small business, agencies, bloggers and affiliate marketers hire full-time and part-time remote professionals from Hyaroo.

What to expect of us?

Hire top talent at 1/3 of the cost
We are based in Bangladesh, where living costs and wages are low. Universities here are turning out graduates trained in Information Technology and this creates a labor pool that can be tapped.
Better than a freelance bidding site
We strive to understand your website business so that we can provide the exact, specialized knowledge and skills you need to outsource virtually all your tasks. We screen all our employees to ensure only skilled, qualified, trustworthy assistants make the cut.

Flexibility/No Long-Term Commitment
Cancel any time. However, we would appreciate some advance notice of such termination so that we can find alternative work for the staff person concerned.
We are committed to your business
Your office based remote staff team will be fully-supported when working in our office. We have supervisors and technical support personnel readily available if problems arise.

Work directly with your staff
You are not forced to communicate through our platform. We don’t keep tabs on it. We’ll send an introduction to you when someone applies to your job, and then you can contact them via email, skype or whatever means you prefer.
Get applicants, not bids
You post awesome jobs and projects, and then awesome people with real talent will apply for the job. When they apply, you’ll get a detailed description of why they believe they are the right fit.

Know What Your Employees are Working On
Use time tracking software like TimeProof, TimeDoctor, or Hubstaff to monitor and know when and what your emlpoyees are working on with features like screenshots, activity monitoring, advanced reports, real-time tracking etc.
Pay directly or use escrow
You don’t pay Hyaroo a cut when hiring or paying a work-from-home freelancer. You’re able to hire and pay your staff directly. You can also use ou escrow payment option, if you need. We will only pay once you release the payment.

Online Business Owners Get More Done With Remote Dedicated Virtual Assistants

I had been dragging my feet to outsource some of my website needs because I had heard so many horror stories. If you are in the same boat, it is my pleasure to recommend Kashem and his staff at Hyaroo who were referred to me by Brian Horn, a top internet marketer.
Debbie Wysocki
I needed help with managing my websites because I was swamped with work and could not afford to employ a part time dedicated webmaster service in Australia. I heard about Hyaroo’s service from a friend. Now, I have established a productive routine with my virtual assistant and we have taken my websites to another level. I now feel in control of my workflow. I highly recommend and their professional team.
John Cosstick,

Like many website owners, I have long had a clear vision of what I wanted to do with my site. The problem, of course, is that it takes a LOT of time and work to do everything that needs to be done.

That’s where came in. I feel very fortunate to have found the Hyaroo team. That have been wonderful.

Mo Johnson, Secsportsfan.Com
Since starting working with Hyaroo, our productivity has increased significantly. It’s much easier than working with an independant contractor because our extra staffer works full time for us and so has no conflicting priorities, and in the case of problems, we can refer to the Hyaroo team.
Roger Elliott, Unk.Com
It’s a great feeling to know that every single day someone is working on my websites. Even when I do not have the time. It’s unbelievable how much work we are churning through.It’s fantastic to see what would have been months and months of work for myself suddenly being fast-tracked.I am very happy about the cooperation with
Mike Roger
Founder /
I needed someone to help me transition 100 pages of my web site across to my new template. I saw a recommendation for Hyaroo and decided to try this service. I have been delighted, the work has been returned very quickly and is faultless.
Paula Fitzpatrick, Lower-Back-Pain-Toolkit.Com

Hire great workers at an unbeatable price

For as little as $300 a month, you can find remote workers to take on even the most challenging tasks in your business. You won’t get this kind of value anywhere else.


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UX/UI Designer

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Virtual Assistant

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My 1 Year Review Of Using Virtual Assistants at

About 1 year ago, I was facing a major challenge with my affiliate marketing company. My business was reliant on just two main websites for almost all of my income, and I was very dependent on Google to send traffic to my site.

Just one Google algorithm change and my business could have been crushed. To make matters worse, the design on my websites were getting outdated and I had almost no social media presence at all. I needed help – fast!

Unfortunately, while I was earning enough revenue to pay my own salary, I simply couldn’t afford to hire programmers, social media experts, or U.S. based virtual assistants. While struggling to come up with a viable solution, I found Little did I know the team at Hyaroo would help to change the entire course of my business for the better.

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